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Choose your level!

If you are in doubt, then choose beginner, remember that you can always take a step up and increase the intensity later!

Beginner (FREE)

This road takes you from absolute zero, to being able to jump, squat and use your body the way you were born to use it - If you can do the last workout in the series without any problems, then you are ready for the intermediate workouts.


If you are already able to use your body quite well, you can squat, you can do a couple of push-ups, and you are able to jog or maybe even run for a couple of minutes - Then this is where you should begin, this road will take you to the next level!


This is not where the road ends, this is where a whole new world of sports will open up for you - Please don't go down this road unless you can do the final video of the intermediate series, there will be no point, because this road is not set in stone!

Campuhan Ridge

Not about the result!

Just remember this one thing: This journey that you are embarking on is not about getting to the end as fast as possible, it is about enjoying the road that takes you there, about getting to know yourself better, and change your life for good!

More funky stuff?

If you are kinda just roaming around, already did your workouts for today, but still have some time to kill - Then go check out my YouTube channel and get entertained by my other videos