Why Reasons Matter

July 27, 2017 Jens Legend 0 Comments

What is a reason (and why is it important)?

A reason is WHY you do something, and the bigger the reason, the bigger your chance of success becomes. Why is that? Well it is because it makes you able to make decisions that won’t compromise your success, because it makes you want it more. If you go after something without the proper reasoning, or without knowing why you want it, then you will fail, it’s only a matter of time.

3 steps to success in everything:

  1. A BIG goal – Find out what you want to go after in life, make it matter, whether that being, a family, a health or a work goal, make it big and creamy, take over the world with it!!
  2. Who do you need to be – Find out who you need to become in order to achieve that goal, what do you need to learn and who do you need to know. Find out all the small details and write them down. Who do you need to be or become and what do you need to do in order to achieve your goal?
  3. a BIG why – The bigger the better, you need to find out what matters the very most to you in this world, and turn that in to your WHY! Create a sentence that matters so much to you, that you almost break down and cry, or begin smiling or laughing uncontrollably, when you can do that, you increase your chances DRAMATICALLY!

How it works:

Would you go to work if you didn’t get payed? No? Then that is your why, your reason to go to work… Or is it? What are you going to use that money for? A nice house, a car? Then that is your reason!…. or is it? How about taking care of your family, making sure your children have a roof over their heads and good food on the table? Do you get it?? The BIGGER your WHY, the greater the chance of you not quitting on yourself! Make that goal big, but make your why even bigger!

The concept works for everything in your life, any goal, apply it so it works for you. Use it as much as you can, and you will see dramatic changes in the way you work towards your goals. Just remember, the bigger the WHY, the bigger that chance of success becomes!

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