Why I am going back to fighting

April 21, 2017 Jens Legend 0 Comments

As you know already if you are a regular reader of the blog, I am going on a one month Muay Thai and MMA training camp with Team Quest in Chang Mai. There is a really specific reason for this and I’ll try to explain why I am doing it.

I have done a lot of soul searching lately, because I was missing a piece of my life puzzle, and after a lot of long conversations with my wife about what to do, we came to the conclusion that I have always been training and fighting, but a few years back I stopped as it did not fit into my life anymore. This has then resulted in me not being the guy I want to be, I have tried to wash away a big part of my life with a simple excuse as this not fitting in.

I am not sure if that’s the piece I need or not, but I understand that the only way to figure it out, is to DO IT! So that is why I booked my full month training and accommodation with one of the best camps in the world. I don’t wanna take the amateur route to figure it out, no sir, I am going up against the best, and I have a feeling that it will end with me doing a semi pro MMA fight at the local arena, because I need to figure out where I stand!

Next time you are feeling a little depressed, or feeling that something is missing in life, take a trip down memory lane, is there anything you used to fill your life with that really made you happy doing? Did you do some crazy stuff that you no longer do? Salsa dancing, racing go-karts, climbing trees, diving, teach, coaching, fighting? Anything you did where you never once thought, “oh man, I don’t wanna go today”, but you were always looking forward to?

So that’s why I am going back to fighting, I need to know where I stand, I need to know how much it matters to me and I need to figure out what aspect of the fight I am missing. Is it the way you get humbled over and over again, is the the sweet smell of victory or the camaraderie of the gym, the way everybody has each others backs and always helps out?

What part of the game is missing and can I get it back? I’ll try and do a daily V-log from there and share my experiences on a daily basis, I know I will be to tired and busy to get something up every single day, but I’ll do my absolute best to share as much as I can possibly manage!

Until then you can read up on some of my old posts!

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