Why are you eating that shit? (and what should you eat?)

November 2, 2016 Jens Legend 0 Comments

So this happened yesterday

I am with a client in the gym, its chest day and he is doing pretty good. The guy is in his fifties and is part of my 5 kilos in 5 weeks program. He did extremely well on juice week, and dropped 4,5 kilos of weight, about 2 of those were fat, so I was really proud of him. And then this happened, and it was partly my own fault because I was one day behind on getting him his diet advice.

After the gym we get out and he asked me what he should eat for dinner, and if it would be alright to have some squid. I said sure, squid would be fine but get it with red or brown rice and a lot of vegetables. He said sure no problem, and then I asked him how the squid was cooked? He answered like it was no problem what so ever, that it was battered in rice flour and deep fried….

I was on my best behavior trying not to get all a hyped up about it, and he was standing there all casual, but he could see on my face that I wasn’t happy and asked me what the problem was? This was the exact moment I realized how much I underestimated, the lack of education about food in the people above my own age (31). He really didn’t have a clue how bad deep fried food is, not only that, he also didn’t know what kind of oil they used.

He knew it wasn’t the best food to eat when on a diet, but he actually has no clue just how bad deep fried food actually is for the body, and how it affects you. So just to make this clear once and for all. Anything dipped and cooked in hot oil is not good for you, and only something you should eat once every 14 days.. If ever (I know it tastes f%&king awesome, but seriously…)

The food we ate in the western world 20-50 years ago is not really based on any modern knowledge about nutrients, it’s based solely on availability.. Yeah that’s it, availability. Not health, not vitamins, not nutrients, not nothing. It was simply what was there at a certain time. You need to, especially if you are born before 1980, understand that what you have been taught about food, is not really up to speed.

So what can you do to change that? You have to start educating yourself, you have to google around a little bit, you have to watch a few videos on youtube. I know there is a bunch of different stuff out there and that some of it might seem a little crazy, but just remember to use your common sense and remember a few rules I’ll list right here:

You can divide your food up into 4 groups:

  1. Carbs, your carbs is your sugars, you get your carbs from the starch in rice, potato, wheat(pasta, noodles, bread), sugar, honey and syrup.
  2. Fats, your fats you get from animal fats, and oils.
  3. Proteins, your proteins you get from your lentils, chickpeas, beans, dairy, meat and fish
  4. Macros, your macros you get from colored vegetables, like broccoli, spinach, beetroot and peppers, this is where you get your vitamins and vital nutrients.

Now all this can be made either really unhealthy or really healthy, depending of the way you put it together, because you do need all of them in order to function optimally. A simple rule of thumb you can use is, that when you look at you plate, you want half of it to be loaded with macros, then a quarter of it with carbs and the last quarter with protein. What about the fat? Usually the oil you used to cook with will be plenty. For cooking you should try to stick to coconut oil and use as little as possible.

Use the same rule when cooking a stew, 2 parts macros, 1 part carbs and 1 part protein. Use this picture for inspiration

Lentil stew with wok fried greens
Lentil stew with wok fried greens

Try to stay away from sugars, animal fat like lard, white plain bread and pasta, white rice. Always go for the whole grain option if you have one. This is not that its super bad for you, and for sure something you can eat once in a while, but not on an everyday basis. Personally I only eat meat and dairy once every 14 days. Especially dairy products from cow, is really REALLY BAD for you, all the new science is linking milk and dairy to a lot of bone disease. If you are drinking milk to keep you bones strong, then stop it right now, it has the exact opposite effect!!

I really hope this post can help you get a better basic understanding of food, and help you on your journey to getting the body you want.

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