What’s in your fridge? That’s why you fail!

November 2, 2016 Jens Legend 0 Comments

Do me a favor, and go have a look in your kitchen

Take every thing out of the cupboards, everything out of the fridge and put it on the table, don’t forget all those jars in the back, and the tin cans of chemicals, food coloring and sugars. EVERYTHING.

Alright! Now make a little space on another table or divide the table into two parts. Pick up all the fresh fruit, vegetables and meat and put to one side and have a look at whats left. Take each thing one by one and have a look on the ingredients list. Whats in it? Does it contain any sugar? and acid? more than one ‘E’ number? Any fructose, glucose or corn syrup? then put it in another pile. If it only contains ingredients you would use for cooking a freshly made meal, then put it over with the fresh fruit, vegetables and meat.

Now take all nuts, seeds, wholegrain flours, coconut oil and put with your fresh food. Take whats left and put in the other pile! Did I mention that you of course also have to throw away all your sodas, also your ‘diet’ sodas. BUT why diet sodas Jens, they contain no calories? I know but they contain a lot of other s%&t you don’t need, read more about that here.

You are now left with to parts of food, one you can eat, and one you should throw away and never ever get back in your kitchen again. Can you get yourself to throw it away? Are you shocked by the amount of crap you have in your kitchen? Use the opportunity to give your shelves a wipe down.

If it’s not in your home…

Chances are you won’t eat it, and your chance of success in changing your diet and life rises dramatically. You WILL notice the difference when there no longer are any snacks around, not twinkies, no white bread, no sugar, no cookies. All of the bad stuff will be faded out of your home and this will be the first step in really changing the way you eat and cook.

But danger still lurks…


Around every corner there is a 7eleven, every restaurant serves deep fried goodness, BUT there is always a healthy alternative, there is always something on the menu that is not that bad for you. No matter where you turn in today’s world there is bad food, but right next to that bad food there is an alternative that you can choose.

This is where it’s no longer in my hands, but in yours. YOU have to decide whether or not you want to change your life, you have to find your own reason, your WHY! And if your ‘why’ is powerful enough you will succeed in getting the body of your dreams. Diet is the first step, then comes the exercise, but more on that in another post!

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