What I learned from 1 week of juicing

October 31, 2016 Jens Legend 0 Comments

First of all, I would like to say, that I have previously tried intermittent fasting, and was already before doing this eating a relatively healthy mostly vegan diet, so keep that in mind when reading this.

Up until I began this, me and my wife had already mentally prepared for about a month, and that really made going into this a lot easier, because I am a BIG foodie and love to eat all sorts of different stuff, so easing my mind into this was the right choice. For others it might be better to just run into it with full force and just get juicing.

I have a couple of clients on my 5 kg in 5 weeks challenge, both 50+ of age, and I knew that if I told them beforehand, they would not have done it, but because I told them on the day we started, they went ahead with it anyway. Best of all, they actually did it and are now ready to move into the next faze of the challenge! I am so proud of them, I think they will lose a lot more than 5 kilos in the end.

Day 1:

Green juice was not something I was ever a big fan of, or maybe I just never tried it, but now that I had no choice, I actually kinda liked it. I kept my juice intake in a ratio of 2 parts veggie juice and 1 part fruit juice, and was not allowed any fruit juice after 4 in the afternoon, only green juice. I felt pretty good until noon, where my coffee withdrawal headache sat in, and I had no idea that it would be that bad. I seriously was in bed for about 4 hours that day, just feeling like shit, and I knew it was because of the coffee as my wife was doing just fine. But I made it through and got ready for day 2!

Day 2:

I woke up still with a bit of a headache, but nowhere near as bad as day 1, and it faded out during the first few hours. After my headache was gone I was feeling hungry, even though I had plenty of juice in my stomach, I also felt like I was missing something. It was the sensation of chewing that was missing, and I wasn’t full of energy as I normally am. We went for a little hike and finished with a young coconut, only drinking the juice and not eating the actual ‘meat’. That made my day and having that one coconut made a huge difference on my energy levels. I was still feeling very hungry and missing real food.

Day 3:

By far the worst day of them all, I was hungry, had a short fuse and was feeling almost depressed, the day really sucked, but I managed to be productive and get some writing done. Later in the day we also had a vegetable broth, man that was a great feeling. It was a broth with nothing, just a bit of salt and the flavor of the veggies, but after 3 days of zero food it almost felt like a meal. I was still feeling very hungry, but I also started noticing that I was no longer feeling tired, my energy levels was on the rise.

Day 4:

Woke up without feeling hungry!! The stories online where true, day 4 is really where your mind shifts, you body lets go of the hunger feeling and gets back into ‘beast mode’. I almost felt like going to the gym and doing some body building, but i knew it would have been totally counter productive as the body would get absolutely zero of the nutrients it needs for recovery!

So instead of going to the gym instead we got a lot of work done, and I had a meeting in the afternoon. The hunger feeling came and went, but was not really that overwhelming as it had been the first few days. I felt great, and looking in the mirror I could see that I had lost weight, not water weight, but fat. That really made me even more focused and ready to move on!

Day 5:

Feeling great, but missing food. Maybe this is a weird thing to say, but because we where buying the juice and getting it delivered home, we all of a sudden had 3 extra hours in the day. Having all that extra time made me really miss those breaks you get from cooking and eating. Not only that, but I also really enjoy cooking, I love the process of preparing the meal, and that really stood out on day 5. I was feeling like I was missing something, but it wasn’t eating as much as the everything that comes together with it. It was a weird day, but my body was super and felt like getting stuff done, we also went for a few long walks that day:)

Day 6:

Still missing food,, but concentration level is much higher and energy is coming back even more, easy day, very productive!

Day 7:

Final day!! Yay!! wasn’t to bad actually, but was really looking forward to that first meal the next day. A little hungry but forgot it easily after a few minutes. I went to bed early like a kid on Christmas evening ready to open his present the next day!

So what did I actually learn?

I learned first of all, that I won’t die from not eating for a day (or a week), and that hunger is something that comes and goes, but I can easily be without if there isn’t a healthy one present. I don’t NEED food to survive, actually I will probably do better if I skip a meal once in a while. So the next time I get that hunger sensation, I’ll be ready for it, and I will know that it will pass away in a little while, and it won’t kill me to wait for the next one. 

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