Vegan body building? myths and facts about training as a vegan.

November 19, 2016 Jens Legend 0 Comments

Are you a vegan Jens?

I hate the expression ‘vegan’, because a bunch of people has taken patent on a word, and made up a bunch of rules of what it means and what you can eat, wear and do if you wanna call yourself a vegan. So NO I am not “vegan”, do I eat vegan? mostly yeah, I would say I eat vegan 95% of the time, but sometimes I’ll have some eggs, sometimes I’ll have ice-cream, once or twice a month I’ll even dig down deep in a salami and sausage pizza with double cheese! (f%&k me right?).

I don’t do it because I care particularly about the animals, I do it because I care about my health, especially because I have a tendency to get bad skin and being overweight, and the best way to fix that problem is to stay away from animal products and sugar as much as possible.

The science

There is no scientific evidence that points towards animal products being necessary for human health or survival!!!!! I repeat, none, not even one, whatsoever. No study is saying that animal products is needed to uphold a good health. BUT there is on the other hand, A TON of studies pointing to the health benefits of eating a mostly or completely plant based diet.

So what is it that a lot of vegetarians do wrong? Well they don’t do their homework, and after being vegan and feeling super healthy for 3-5 years, then all of a sudden they start getting sick. They don’t get sick because they are eating plant based, they get sick because they are missing some important minerals crucial to humans, that are abundant in meat and animal products, but rare in the plant kingdom.

So before you go out hating on vegans and their lack of minerals and vitamins, then please keep in mind, that most of us are smart enough to take a spirulina supplement alongside our vitamin b and d. I know that some wise ass reading this are now going, “well then it’s artificial and unnatural”, and you’re right. Humans used to get their vitamin b12 from water, but since we are now polluting our streams and having to get our water from deep underground reservoirs, and polluting it further with chlorine and fluorides, we sadly now have to take a little pill to stay healthy. In fact, most humans, even carnivores should start taking a bit of b12 vitamin.

“But what about proteins?” Again the uneducated carnivore throws out a comment without knowing anything about vegetables. There are a more proteins in red lentils and soy beans than there is in chicken, so please just stop it right away, don’t say another word before you start studying more.

HA you fool, then what about amino acids (bcaa)?

Peanuts has a more complete natural amino acid profile than you get from most meats, so once again please stop it, now, just shhhh’, there is NOTHING in the animal kingdom you ‘need’ to train like an elite sportsman or body builder. There is nothing you ‘NEED’ to stay healthy and fit or to survive or whatever you wanna call it, so stop using that argument NOW!

I could keep getting into it, but I’ll stop right now and just tell you to please stop thinking that you can get anything beneficial to your health from animals, that you can’t get from plants.

But pleasure on the other hand

The main reason I am only a 95% vegan is pleasure, oh my god a love a great Italian pasta with egg yolk and parmigiana cheese, man I really love an awesome crispy salami pizza, I also enjoy a soft boiled egg with salt to go along side my buttered white bread. BUT I know it’s bad for me, so this is a once or twice a month thing, and when I have it I really enjoy it.

That’s actually the main reason, and it’s not a stupid one either because pleasure is a huge part of life, but if you can only find pleasure in eating, well then you need to revise your life a bit. I used to be that way, I was a big meat eater and didn’t believe that I had eaten unless I had a peace of meat with any meal. But I realized that it was all something going on in my brain, I believed that milk was good for my bones, and I believed that meat was an essential part of a human diet.

I know now that I am feeling better, looking better and am growing my muscle mass and strength faster than I did when I used meat as my main source of protein. I feel that my body processes the food I get from plants better than it ever did with animal products. Now when I eat meat or cheese I can feel it inside, my digestive system has a hell of a lot harder time turning it into energy and I feel bloated.

But we all have cravings

I get it though and I am not judgmental, there is so much nice to say about the products of animals taste and textures, but guess what: There is so much nice to say about vegetables and plant based foods as well. Most people think of salads when they think of vegan or vegetarian food, but tell you what, I haven’t had a salad in about a month, I don’t like salads, I find them boring….. So trust me when I say that there is a whole new universe of food opening up once you dive into it.


Question: Do you need animal products to get in shape and build muscle?

Answer: No, not even one little bit, it might even be counter productive.

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