Body Transformation

Get fit and confident in your body

You want to begin a new journey in your life, A journey towards perfect health and a body you can feel comfortable, confident and happy with. This is where you begin:

  • A complete transformation program
  • A 90 minute intro boost call (with video)
  • 2x 45 minute calls to make sure you are on track (with video)
  • 1x 30 minute follow up call 14 days after we finish – To answer all the questions that has risen (with video)

On top of the calls you will also get:

  • Tools and guides to help you make the right decisions
  • An analysis of your current diet and how to change it for maximum success
  • Free text support throughout the entire period
  • Dietary advice and help meal planning
  • Exercise routines for maximum results in a short time
  • Video support on almost everything (thank you to technology and the advances made)
  • No gym needed
  • No pressure and no judgement
  • Soft start with focus on mindset

+BONUS – A free copy of my book: How to lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks – My weight loss journey and what you can learn from it – A fun and different way of telling the truth about losing weight and what really matters – Valued at 9.99$us

The body transformation package costs 495$us (345$ without text support) – The BEST start to your new journey!