The truth about “diet” products (and why you should never use them)

October 29, 2016 Jens Legend 0 Comments

Aspartame, what is up and what is down?

After my latest post about weight loss, where I wrote briefly about diet products, a few people reached out to me and were perhaps a bit confused about my opinion on the subject. So I decided to write an entire post, only about aspartame, and why I think it is something you should stay away from completely. So here goes.

There are countless studies saying that aspartame is really bad for you, and is linked with a bunch of diseases ranging from cancer to scleroses, and there is another bunch of studies saying the additive is completely safe at the levels human consume it. One thing they do agree on, is that it is dangerous in large quantities, it is only the quantity they disagree on.

So who do you believe? Well don’t believe any of it, just know that any chemical that has that much of a debate about it, is not something you wan’t in your body. So stop using it NOW! No more diet cokes or pepsi max or cola zero or whatever it is that you are drinking, no “healthy” ice creams with zero added sugar, look at you juices, is there added sweetener in it?

So what should I then do?

Well in reality it is pretty simple. What you need to do is stop craving something as sweet as a soda, the sweetest thing you should crave is fruit! But how do you do that? See this is the tricky bit, because sugar is 7 times more addictive than heroin, so keep that in mind, when somebody has a hard time even quitting smoking! This is process that takes a whole lot of determination and willpower. So the enemy is not so much the sweetener, it is the need for sweet tastes.

How do you then begin?

There is no easy way out, there is only you deciding that you no longer need soda, you no longer need candy and sweets. The craving goes away after a few weeks, but you should look at it as when you try to quit smoking, so get your mind right and keep at it! If you are trying to lose weight also, then I recommend keeping an eye out for my next 5 kg in 5 weeks challenge, here we will also work on quitting cravings, so like my page on facebook if you are interested in joining the fun next time.

The longer you go without sugar the less you crave it, simple right?, I know it’s sounds easier than it actually is, but I did it, and I used to be really fat closing in on 270 pounds as I was just above a 120 kilos. But I am now back under 200 again and still rolling on down that hill, with an ideal weight of around 86 kilos or 190 pounds. So I know what it takes to change that mentality, it is almost like you feel entitled to eating and drinking shit.

But the story of my weight loss will have to be in a different post another time. All you need to know for now is this: If you really wanna lose weight, then get rid of those cravings, get your mindset right before you start. This is the single most important thing when changing your lifestyle for the better and trying to lose weight.

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