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July 2, 2017 Jens Legend 0 Comments

The new book

I wrote this book called ‘How to lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks – My weight loss journey, and what you can learn from‘, maybe you read it, maybe not, you can find it by clicking on the title. It’s about why we fail at losing weight and living healthy, it’s also about how the same mechanisms that makes us fail at that particular thing, is the same that makes us fail in almost all other aspects of life. We as a human race have a tendency to fall into the same traps over and over again, and we have a really hard time understanding why we do so.

Double thinking

A big part of it comes down to us being the only species in the whole world who is capable of thinking about our thoughts, this is also known as ‘rationalizing’, the only problem about rationalizing is that there is nothing rational about it! As we are the only ones capable of ‘double thinking’, we are also the only ones capable of lying to ourselves!?! Do you get it???

We are able to ‘rationalize’ all the decisions we make, to make us feel better about ourselves, instead of being honest and realizing that our biggest problem isn’t our diet, but our minds! So when I say to people that their diet is not their problem, they get really confused. They cross their arms and anxiously wait for me to explain to them: “well if it isn’t my diet, then what is it?”. “It’s the lies you tell yourself”, I tell them.

Stop lying to yourself

See rationalizing, or ‘double thinking’ as I like to call it, allows you to defend every action you make, even the bad ones. They did a study on criminals, and not just petty thieves, but people who did hardcore crimes, like murder, extortion, bank robbery, financial fraud and the likes. You would think that these people would feel bad about them selves or at least know that they were being ‘dicks’. Amazingly they didn’t, they had almost all of them ‘rationalized’ their thoughts into believing, that they where somehow entitled, that they were entitled to the gains they got from their crimes. They felt that they were better than other people, and they deserved what they got from their crimes!

Funny huh? But you see this is how powerful the mind is, this is the reason we either fail or succeed at the things we set out to do. The good thing thought, is that through awareness and practice, we can learn to notice when we are not helping ourselves. Start being aware today, figure out what traps you setup for yourself, deal with your own lies and don’t blame anybody else. You are the problem and the solution for everything that goes on in your life, accept that and start working on it!!

Thank you fro reading! If you are more interested in reading about the mind, health and happiness, you can read some of my other blog posts or you can read my book, it’s available in the bottom of this post!

5 kilos in 5 weeks - My weight loss journey, and what you can learn from it

  • This book is not a quick fix to weight loss, sure I'll teach you how to lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks, but that is beyond the point. The book is about the challenges that lie after the dieting and exercising. This is about the mind, spirit and the lies you tell yourself. You get my personal view on what really matters, when it comes to losing weight and creating a healthy lifestyle. The secrets I share in this book WILL help you, to not only lose weight and get healthier, but also help you set new goals, become a better person and go after your dreams! Here is a passage from the book to help you get a better idea of where I am coming from. "I was so sick of taking advice on healthy living and losing weight from someone who was never even obese, who never fought the fight, who never had to go through the whole journey like you and me. I hate that so much… “The eat as much as you want diet…”, “All you have to do is….”. Shut up! You never had cookie cravings and ate a whole box in 2 minutes, bought the large pizza just for you, because you knew that you can eat half now and the other half in a couple of hours. Sitting in front of the TV just stuffing your face, with chips and snacks enough for a whole family, with an overfull stomach, feeling guilty but still eating… Yeah I know, I have been there (sorry for the rant, but really hate those guys so much, how can you be an expert if you never went through it?)."
  • June 23, 2017
  • 102 pages

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