Super fast weight loss, fact or fiction?

November 28, 2016 Jens Legend 0 Comments

Possibilities or limitations?

I love pushing the limitations set up by conventional thinking, testing out the classic sayings about how something needs to be done, in order to be healthy or possible. I know the old sayings are hard to let go of and leave behind, and they are not all bad and most of them have a great amount of truth in them, but in order to push the limits you have to say goodbye to all of them, and make up your own brand new set of rules!

“A slow weight loss is a good weight loss”

This is a somewhat true statement, that plays on the fact that it is ‘healthier’ to drop weight of slow rather than fast, but in fact there is not really any scientific evidence to support that statement. The main reason for this statement is either that you’ll get loose skin or put the weight back on again. If you are really obese or fat, then you will get loose skin when you lose a lot of weight, it doesn’t matter how quickly or slowly, but there is stuff you can do and eat in order to minimize this effect.

First of all – Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water 3-5 liters per day, secondly – Eat a ton of vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and seeds and legumes, thirdly – Omega 3 and other fatty acids play a major role in keeping your skin flexible. Finally it is important to keep a strict gym routine, get plenty of exercise and lift heavy weights in the gym, this will increase testosterone, muscle mass and improve your cardiovascular system, all 3 things will help your skin keep up with the weight loss.

Now about putting the weight back on?? Seriously?? The only way to put the fat lost back on, is to eat like you did before you started to lose weight, and if you plan on going back to doing the same stuff like before, then to be honest you aren’t ready to start your diet. No further comments!

“It’s not about going on a diet, it’s about making a life change”

It is indeed about changing your life, but that being said, there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with going on a startup boosting diet, to kick things off and get some success straight away. Going on a diet or not, can be the difference between having that first success and getting super motivated, or giving up after a few weeks, because everything is just going to slow to notice the difference.

To be perfectly clear: “First of all you decide to make a life change, THEN you go on a diet”. Not the other way around. Understanding and accepting this fact makes your journey a whole lot easier, than the minions hitting the latest diet trend, only to fail for the hundredth time again, because they did not make that initial decision about how to look at themselves after the ‘diet’.

Did you make that choice?

“Real people have curves”

Curves are fine, but curves is not the same as being plain old fat because you can’t control your eating and drinking habits. Take a second and let that sink in. There is a whole new wave of ‘real people’ showing their ‘beautiful bodies’ on social media, and other places, but someone forgot to tell them that they no longer ‘just’ have curves but are simply obese. Somehow they are trying to make it okay to be unhealthy and overweight, putting it up like it is natural. I am sorry to say, that there is nothing natural about it. Curves are fine, but obesity is a problem faced by the whole world, and not a naturally occurring phenomenon. No fat-shaming intended.

So getting back on track

So getting that out of the way, let us get back on track with the actual topic: Rapid weight loss. Can it be done in a healthy way? Sure it can, I just did it, I lost 8.5 kilos in 5 weeks, gained muscle mass and am feeling better than ever. Did I get loose skin? Well no, I used to be a heavier and therefore I have some stretchmarks, but that really has nothing to do with having loose skin. So I lost 9% of my total bodyweight in 5 weeks. But Jens that can’t all be fat? Yes it can, and it all comes down to simple math and a bit of knowledge about building muscles.

The math

Eating less calories than you burn off will in return result in a weight loss, but finding out how much you burn per day can be tricky, so just find an estimate. Burning around 7.000-8.000 calories will result in a 1 kilo loss of fat. Eating 7.000-8.000 calories less than normal, will also result in a 1 kilo loss of fat. This gives you a few options: let’s say that you need 2.500 calories to sustain your current weight. You then start working out for 1 hour per day in the gym burning 1.000 calories every time, that then turns into 7.000 calories in a week = 1 kilo of fat lost. Simple, right?

Example number 2 – You need 2.500 calories to sustain your weight, you then decide to only eat 2.000 and also you buy a road bike and start riding that uphill for an hour a day burning of 1.400 calories every time. This now gives you a deficit of 1.900 calories per day times 7 = 13.000 calories in a week, so around 1.8 kilos of fat. How are we fairing here?

A bit of education for you

How long can the body be in a calorie deficit and not burn off muscles? This depends on how much excess fat you have, and what kind of diet you uphold. In theory your body can function just fine as long as you still have fat to burn, BUT, the body does prefer using carbohydrates as fuel! So you will feel a little bit dizzy until you get used to switching back and forth between a ‘normal’ state and ketosis(the state of burning stored fat, to put it simply) because this can make you feel slightly light headed at first.
What about muscles? In order not to lose muscle mass during a calorie deficit, you really have to give your muscles exactly what they ask for, which is proteins and carbs, especially right around your workouts and for dinner. But you can grow your muscles even in a calorie deficit. They will build faster when in a surplus, but this is not the point here. The point is that you can lose a lot of weight and still build your strength at the same time.

This is not an easy process

It takes a lot of willpower to achieve a goal like I just did, but I still believe that anybody can do it. All you need is that special ‘why’ to keep moving forward, that special reason not to stuff your face with food just because you are feeling a little hungry before going to bed. It’s about taking back control of your mind and body and not letting old patterns take over and lure you into eating or not working out. That is why I set up a very specific set of rules:

  1. Week 1, only juicing, mostly green juice and a little fruit juice also, no gym, but 30 minutes of daily cardio.
  2. Week 2, weight training 4 times, 1 hour cardio on off days, specific dietary rules.
  3. Week 3, same as week 2 but 30 minute cardio on gym days as well as 60 minutes on off days.
  4. Week 4 and 5, same as week 3, but more intense gym sessions and super focused diet without cheat meal in weak 5.

This might sound crazy to some, and it is not always easy, but it is a sacrifice that will give you a crazy fast fat loss and make you get rid of your cravings and being able to attack the aftermath in a successful matter. Not just jumping straight back into pizza and sodas:)

5 weeks later
5 weeks later

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