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The third location in the staying fit series takes place on the island of the gods, Bali.

More specifically in Ubud where I have spend a lot of time lately, so let’s get started.

The gyms

Massa’s gym

There are several gyms in the Ubud area, all either within walking distance or e few minutes by bike (check out the map underneath). First of all I my self use Massa’s gym, You pay a 120.000 Rupiah for one full months membership, so it won’t ruin your budget. It’s not well suited for power lifting, but anything with bodybuilding and strength it will do just perfect. The weights and machines are pretty old, but they do the trick just fine. The crowd there is mostly locals, and that makes it more fun, and a lot of them like to come and talk to you and ask you for tips. Don’t ask them for advice, because they have absolutely no clue how to train, a lot of them skip ‘leg day’ if you know what I mean;)

Goa gajah gym

Just before the bridge on Goa Gajah, this little gem is hidden away from all the tourists, but if you don’t mind a little bike ride to get there, you will be pleased. The machines are almost brand new and the crowd is friendly. The only few minuses is the lack of dumbbells(they have some, but very limited), and that it is a bit cramped in. Price is around 200.000 Rupiah for a month.

Ubud gym

Super central location, super cheap (50.000 Rupiah for a month), you are allowed to powerlift, the weights are dirty and rusty, the whole feeling of the gym is awesome if you just wanna go in there and ‘get shit done’. I used to train here myself when I didn’t have any clients, because it is great for a bodybuilding and power lifting mix. Don’t bring your girlfriend (or boyfriend if he is a p%ss?) because this is a rough spot:)

Ubud Fitness

This is the most expensive gym in town, It has a decent location, and an actual changing room with a hot shower (a rarity in Ubud). The gym is well equipped for all needs, except for heavy +28 kg dumbbells, but on the other hand, they have trx classes and personal trainers at hand. I haven’t been there for a while but I do believe the monthly fee is around 700.000 Rupiah, so very overpriced in my opinion. There is a little cafe in there so you can have a coffee with your squats:)

Have a look at the map below to check out the locations and find out where you wanna train!

Gyms in Ubud
Gyms in Ubud

Wild Health

Wild health is a fun a different way to stay in shape, this group workout takes place Tuesday and Thursday morning on the football field in Nyuh Kuning at 7.30. To get there you either go through monkey forest (walking, bicycle and motorbike) or take the Nyuh Kuning road around if you are closer that way or are in a car! The focus is on having fun with group exercises, with body weight, elastic bands and sand kettles. This is a great alternative when you are sick of the gym and also a great way to meet new people. 4 time pass can be bought on site for 350.000, so a bit pricey, but very fun:)

Trails and treks

The area is full of amazing walks and runs away from the dirty bustling city center, there are several small and winding trails where the bikes and cars can’t get, and you can walk in the fresh air among the rice fields and jungle. I won’t get to much into details here, but I will give you a few of my favorites.

Campuhan ridge

Now the ridge is easily found with a simple google search, but the entrance is close to the bridge on Jalan Raya Ubud (the main road). The actual ridge walk is only around 1,5 km, so 3 km for a return trip, and it’s beautiful all times of the day. Even though the walk is not that far, you can make it longer, by simple continuing all the way up the road, up to where the road splits in two. There is not really much traffic and the rice fields are fantastic. This route can be done either as a run or a walk. The run is really great to boost that testosterone, as there is a lot of uphill!!

Rice field walk

Another great walk is known as ‘the rice field walk’ and it is amazingly beautiful all the way. The entrance is close to the campuhan ridge entrance, look for the sign that says ‘Sari Organik’, and follow that road. The walk/run is as long as you wan’t it to be basically, as when you get up high there is a ton of small rice field tracks, and you can even go full circle and walk/run back down on the track that runs “parallel” with the walk, you can get to it by sneaking down a little steep road almost at the very end.

Mountain biking

The area around Ubud is super hilly, that makes it excellent for riding a mountain bike around, not only on the dirt path’s but also just up and down all the streets, personally I love riding jalan tirta tawar road from the main road up to the Tegallalang main road. It’s not super steep, but it’s a pretty constant 2-3% for around 7km, and finishes with a very steep downhill at the top, and you begin your decent with riding back up that hill:) On the way back down, you can cross over and ride down or up one of the parallel streets. It’s great fun and uphill biking is the highest calorie burning exercise the human body can sustain for longer periods at a time – How is that for a weight loss tip?


I won’t go too much into this part, as I am sure that you already know, that if you are into yoga, that Ubud is a yoga Mecca, and on the pinnacle of that yoga, is the yoga barn. There are several other yoga places, that you can easily find with a google search, but the to big ones is ‘the yoga barn’ and ‘radiantly alive’.

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