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Staying fit when traveling.

As a personal trainer I really think it is super important not to let your travels be an excuse, not to stay on track with your training and health. So to get you up to speed with stuff to do for your body when you get to Lamai.

Go for a run.

First of all! What I really encourage when travelling is just bring your running shoes and get out there every morning, there is absolutely NO excuses! The cool thing about living on the beach is, that it is up to 40% more hard to run in the sand, therefore you work a lot more different muzzles that you  normally use on your flat/trail surface. Also be sure to take that into consideration when choosing how long you are running, don’t go crazy on distance!!

Running is one of the single best things you can do, not only from a cardiovascular point of view, but also for weight loss and muzzle growth, this is especially true for short (5 km max) and fast runs. They will get you system burning fat all day long, enhance natural testosterone production and build up your stamina like nothing else. So get out there.

Go to yoga.

There are several places where you can get your daily dose of yoga on all levels. My wife and I mostly went to Spa Resort, both accessible from the main road and the beach in the eastern end of the city. There is morning classes everyday, and the restaurant is alright for breakfast and lunch.

Another place is the Yoga House & Spa, remember to check the schedule as it changes on a weekly basis. The classes here are way smaller and more intimate than at the Spa Resort, my wife was there and they were only 3 people there.

Get your fight on.

The Muay Thai kickboxing schools here are endless, in Lamai alone I have personally seen 5 different ones all in walking distance from the beach. This is a cool and different way of getting in shape, people have all different levels and the teachers are really good, after all Thailand is the home of kickboxing, so they really know what they are doing. The price range is different from gym to gym, but in general you pay around 1500 baht for a one week pass, and don’t worry, they will be gentle and not kick your legs of!

Lamai Muay Thai Gym
Lamai Muay Thai Gym


I tried 2 different gyms here, ‘The Iron Gecko’ located in the eastern end of the town (very close to Spa Resort). The Iron Gecko has everything you need except for a decent leg press and the cables kinda suck, but it’s perfectly fine for both body building, fitness and strength work, if you don’t mind not having the cable cross and a leg press rack(there is a smith machine there so it’s not hopeless).

The other gym is in the city cross(where they have the Sunday market) and is called ‘Ultra Bodies Fitness Gym’ (I know it’s a crazy name) and they seem to have a bit more equipment here, the price is also a bit cheaper than the iron gecko. The equipment is a bit more old-school bodybuilder type stuff, like taken out of a scene in ‘pumping iron’ you know the old movie with Arnold getting ready for his Mr. Olympia competition back in the 70’s.

The Iron Gecko Gym
The Iron Gecko Gym

To wrap it up.

Just to repeat my self, there is absolutely no excuse not to stay fit and healthy while traveling, and it also means that you can knock yourself out on all that deliciously nasty Thai food, not forgetting the deep fried Mecca that is the Sunday night market! Just get out there and do it, it’s also a cool way of meeting some new people to hang out with on the beach.

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