Happening now

Right now I am on the island Koh Phangan in Thailand, and I have couple of things to offer if you are in the area!!

Women’s only Beastmode Bootcamp – HIIT workout for all levels. Taking place Tuesday, Thursday at 7am and Saturday at 8am. This is a 35 minute power workout that will tighten up your core, tone your body, help you lose weight and get in great condition. HIIT stands for ‘high intensity interval training’ and is for ALL levels of fitness. Send me a message on facebook or here on the page for more information. Meeting point at is at Siam Healing Center (be on time + first session is FREE)!!

Men’s only Beach Grappling at Tong Sala Beach (right next to the pier) – Tuesday and Thursday at 4.30pm. This training will give you incredible cardio, build up your muscles and help you get in super human condition. The training incorporates different types of grappling and games, everything form greco-roman throws, sumo push-out’s, touch games and a great warm-up with pummeling and grappling

One on one mentoring and coaching – read more about coaching on the coaching part of the website, here is a LINK. Coaching can take place both in person or via skype, messenger or zoom, whichever you prefer.

After a great grappling training