How to lose 5 kg in 5 weeks (WEEK 5)

November 23, 2016 Jens Legend 4 Comments

I am super satisfied

I really want to let everybody who read a long and followed me on social media know, that this has been a HUGE success, I really pushed my self a lot harder than I ever thought I could have. This has resulted in me already having lost 7 kilos on the second last weigh-in, making me super motivated to go all out this last week of the challenge, doing 2 full juice days, and limiting my food intake to a very minimum. I will only be eating enough for my muscles to keep growing just a little bit, plenty of protein and macros, only carbs around training and only fats for cooking. This will ensure that I don’t get weaker, and that my muscles will actually still grow!

*on the featured image one picture is missing between 93.2 and 90.65, this was the Monday I broke my toe, and missed my weigh-in, but I believe the weight would have been around 91.5!

This wasn’t the plan

The initial plan was to stick to losing 1 kilo per week, but since I have been feeling amazing I just pushed the envelope a little bit in the beginning. Then i broke my toe and was really unsure if I could keep pushing trough without being able to do any cardio, but I didn’t lose focus and really cleaned up my diet a lot more. Success, after a week with a broken toe and no cardio I still managed to loose around 1.5 kilos, diet and strength training alone!

The big reveal?

I will be releasing before and after photos on Tuesday, because I have purposely not wanted to take any in between photos, strictly before and after the 5 weeks. The reason for this is that your body can really play mind tricks on you, it can build up water, it can move fat around and the places you expect to see results, may not be where the fat goes away. So in order to get that shock effect I simply decided to wait and not get disappointed with my progress, one thing is the scales, another is your eyes.

What to think about going into week 5?

The exact same things as during all the other weeks, mindset and determination, remember WHY you are doing it, WHY do you want to lose this weight and get the body you deserve? Week 5 might be a good time to revisit that purpose, maybe write it down again and make sure you still want this, even if you go to bed a little hungry a few times a week, and have to go to the gym and sweat 4 times per week.

Also write down exactly how much time you actually spend every day on this, my best guess is that you probably only spend between 1-2 hours a day, 5-10 hours a week on average, remember that the first week there was only a bit of cardio and no gym. So all together during the 5 weeks you maybe spend 25-50 hours depending on how long you have to the gym and how crazy you went on cardio. Food prep you would have done anyways, so that doesn’t count.

Then weigh your ‘WHY’ up on the time spend and think about it, is it worth it?

Take your time.

A decision that might just change the rest of your life and get you on a really healthy track.

So follow the rules of week 4, train hard, do your cardio, eat healthy, and you WILL have success with this program. Once I finish, I will release my training programs for you to download, a lot of the recipes I have used, a guide to finding your ‘why’ and much more will also be available as an e-book for you to buy at a very great price.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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