How to lose 5 kg in 5 weeks (WEEK 4)

November 18, 2016 Jens Legend 0 Comments

Coming at you fast

So because of my accident I am a little late with the posts, but this one is to represent week 4, witch I am in right now, with a broken toe, but a determination like never before. Week 4 is when the doubting, cheating and eating creeps back up on you, so let’s get emotional and look at what’s happening in our minds at this state!

The science

I did good, I lost weight, I am doing great in the gym, so I deserve a little snack, just a little something delicious because I have been a good boy. Does it sound familiar? If yes then you are a pretty average human being, because this is the logic we use to convince ourselves, that it’s okay to take a sidestep.

The problem is that if you do this, even once, the next time you are feeling tempted, it will be even easier to ‘convince’ yourself to be naughty. That is why that at this stage, it is even more important than in the beginning, to really stay on the right path and be ultra aware of the choices you make.

Having success is the single most effective way of pursuing something, not only a weight loss or a health thing, but in ANY aspect of life, the most driven people are the most successful and the most successful are the most driven. Those 2 things stick together like nothing else in life and being aware of it gives you a clear advantage. If you are losing your edge it is often because you didn’t have much success, but then knowing that is the reason, makes you able to be aware of it and get back on track!

Enough of that now, how am I doing?

Well thanks for asking:) I am doing great, the broken toe is healing up nicely and I had my first gym session in 4 days #noexcuses, did chest, shoulders and triceps. Since I still cannot do any cardio I am eating less for dinner. I am still really positive about losing 8 kilos during the 5 weeks and I am convinced it will happen. Monday morning weigh-in will help me find out.

I skipped Wednesdays juicing, because I think it might be counter productive for the healing of the broken bone(I promise to research that and write a post about it soon), but Sunday I will most definitely juice all day to make up for it.

I hope you are still hanging in there and understanding that right now, the most powerful tool you have in your box, is your mindset. Nothing will help you achieve success more than the will power you poses, and if you need a pep-talk or a personal trainer to help you get through it, you better well know that I am here for you to pick you up when you fall. Just message me on facebook and I’ll be in touch with you in no time!

Until we meet again please get you inspiration from instagram, my other blog posts and facebook. I try hard to get a daily update up there, but you know, sometimes you just break your toe and have to spend a day with your feet up:)

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