I wrote a couple of books, books that for once in a blue moon will actually help you lose weight and keep it off! I know they all promise the same, but these ones are different. While reading them you will feel like I am piercing straight through your mind and making you wonder if I have been spying on you. I know all your excuses already, I know all the patterns in your life holding you back, and I know exactly how to make you succeed in becoming healthy, breaking free and losing weight!

5 kilos in 5 weeks - My weight loss journey, and what you can learn from it

  • This book is not a quick fix to weight loss, sure I'll teach you how to lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks, but that is beyond the point. The book is about the challenges that lie after the dieting and exercising. This is about the mind, spirit and the lies you tell yourself. You get my personal view on what really matters, when it comes to losing weight and creating a healthy lifestyle. The secrets I share in this book WILL help you, to not only lose weight and get healthier, but also help you set new goals, become a better person and go after your dreams! Here is a passage from the book to help you get a better idea of where I am coming from. "I was so sick of taking advice on healthy living and losing weight from someone who was never even obese, who never fought the fight, who never had to go through the whole journey like you and me. I hate that so much… “The eat as much as you want diet…”, “All you have to do is….”. Shut up! You never had cookie cravings and ate a whole box in 2 minutes, bought the large pizza just for you, because you knew that you can eat half now and the other half in a couple of hours. Sitting in front of the TV just stuffing your face, with chips and snacks enough for a whole family, with an overfull stomach, feeling guilty but still eating… Yeah I know, I have been there (sorry for the rant, but really hate those guys so much, how can you be an expert if you never went through it?)."
  • June 23, 2017
  • 102 pages

How to: Quit Snacking - Confessions of an addict

  • This mini guide is made with one specific purpose in mind, and that is: To get your cravings back in check, if you don't understand your patterns and habits, then you will never control your cravings. This guide solves that problem for you, time to get reading! Controlling what you eat, is one of those things that makes ALL the difference in the world! Happy reading

3 easy steps to fast success in your weight loss

  • This mini guide is your own little reminder of what you need to keep focusing on, very short, but very effective, if you are a beginner when it comes to weight loss, then this book is for you. 3 simple ways of looking at your health, that makes ALL the difference in the world! Happy reading