Diet Area

If you eat a healthy balanced wholefood diet, you will become a healthy whole human - You are what you eat!

Mostly Plantbased

Learning to cook using the right ingredients is fun, it teaches you to look at food in a completely new light, that is better for the planet, and better for your health. You will get an easy to follow grocery list, a planned out way of eating your food, and learn the basics of eating 'real' food, instead of crappy 'meat'n'potato dishes rammed full of chemicals and overly salted processed "food" (it has nothing to do with food, trust me)

Screw the world

If you absolutely don't give a crap about the world and just want to eat big steaks, pork-chops and bacon on a daily basis - you can chose this one, but it won't help, because the diets I plan out, are not only co2 friendly, they are also easy to make gmo and cruelty free - in other words, you will be following the same diet regardless of which one you choose, this is just my little wake up call for you!

meal plan

A healthy hearty diet

I have a strong believe that you should never ever go hungry after a meal, that's why my meal plan does not use calorie restriction or minimal portion sizes - In order for you to achieve long term success in your weight loss and health, you need to simply learn the principles of a healthy hearty meal, and you can eat until you are full and satisfied, and still lose weight!

This months meal and grocery plan!

Don't worry if you start in the middle of the month, it doesn't matter that much, you can just download the next one when you are done with this one, it doesn't have to be the first of the month 😉