Single session 95$/h - 1 hour coaching sessions, let's find your problem right now, and then figure out how to solve it - Your motivational/educational boost, to help you break down the wall in front of you. Read more

Body transformation 495$ (345$ without text support) - Fully customized plan to get you fit and feeling 100% comfortable in your body, 1x 90 minute intro boost call, 2x 45 minute calls and a 30 minute follow up 14 days after the last session, tools, guides, free text support and much much more - The BEST start to your new life. Read more

6 month life changer 4500$ - 2 monthly 90 minute sessions (online or in person), free text support, tools, guides, meal planning, tasks, follow ups and accountability partner - a COMPLETE program for lifelong change of body and mind. Read More

Long lasting change in record time!

I know that staying motivated on your health and fitness goals can be hard, it can be even harder going at it on your own. That's why you need an accountable partner and guide. Someone who is there to answer your questions, help you set goals, and give you the right tools to achieve them.

You see I believe in a holistic approach to your life, I think that you need to look at your entire situation when it comes to health and fitness, I think that in order to be healthy, you need to be happy, not the other way around.

I now offer you the opportunity to work with me as your mentor and coach. I will hold your hand when needed, and I will call you out on your bullshit. For this to be a success you need to be 100% honest with me, but I know that this can be hard. From personal experience I know how the mind works, and I know how to work around it and with it. We will work on finding the underlying reasons for your problems, we will straighten them out and allow you to succeed in your own natural pace.

Everyone is different, that's why we will work at a very individual level. Here are some reasons why you should chose me as your mentor and coach

  • Because I am open and honest.
  • I myself went through a major body and mind transformation.
  • I understand what your are going trough and how you feel.
  • I wont judge you, I used to be fat and miserable, so I am on your level.
  • I WILL motivate you and make you feel how awesome it is to move.
  • No judgment and individual system.
  • no fixed programs.
  • soft start.
  • no pressure.
  • I have a serious sports education and always study up on all the latest information on health and mindset!

Let me be the one who takes you on the journey back to what matters, humans are build for moving, talking, interacting and smiling. Why do we do the opposite? We sit still, we stay in our houses, stick to ourselves and are grumpy all the time. LET'S CHANGE!

Begin your journey right now, by getting in touch with me either right here on the page, or send me a message on facebook. When you contact me we can begin with a FREE 15 minute intro call, to find out just how much you can change in a very short time.

Contact me right now, don't wait, life is short, so work on it now!

In the picture you can see how I changed my own body, this is one years progress, great things can be achieved with the right mindset.