3 keys to making your weight loss easy

The 3 pillars of success

When it comes to weight loss and getting healthy, there really aren’t any shortcuts, but there is a way to make it easier for yourself. The key is to switch you mindset around a little bit, and be ready to adapt to a new way of thinking about your life and you health. To help you do that, I came up with what I like to call the 3 pillars of success to any type of health problem Continue reading “3 keys to making your weight loss easy”

Why Reasons Matter

What is a reason (and why is it important)?

A reason is WHY you do something, and the bigger the reason, the bigger your chance of success becomes. Why is that? Well it is because it makes you able to make decisions that won’t compromise your success, because it makes you want it more. If you go after something without the proper reasoning, or without knowing why you want it, then you will fail, it’s only a matter of time. Continue reading “Why Reasons Matter”

The mindset approach

The new book

I wrote this book called ‘How to lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks – My weight loss journey, and what you can learn from‘, maybe you read it, maybe not, you can find it by clicking on the title. It’s about why we fail at losing weight and living healthy, it’s also about how the same mechanisms that makes us fail at that particular thing, is the same that makes us fail in almost all other aspects of life. We as a human race have a tendency to fall into the same traps over and over again, and we have a really hard time understanding why we do so. Continue reading “The mindset approach”

Why I am going back to fighting

As you know already if you are a regular reader of the blog, I am going on a one month Muay Thai and MMA training camp with Team Quest in Chang Mai. There is a really specific reason for this and I’ll try to explain why I am doing it.

I have done a lot of soul searching lately, because I was missing a piece of my life puzzle, and after a lot of long conversations with my wife about what to do, Continue reading “Why I am going back to fighting”

Knowing yourself is a super power

What is the point of aiming for money without happiness? Big muscles, but an unhealthy liver? A sexy hot girlfriend, that doesn’t understand you? A well paying job, that you really hate? An expensive education you are not interested in? Living in Monaco, with no money? Owning a big car, but with no time to drive it?

What are you really striving at in your life? what is the short term goal here? Do you want money, happiness or both? Continue reading “Knowing yourself is a super power”

Are you making conscious choices or just following the trend?

Would you live in this awesome cabin by the river with all the food and drink you need for the rest of your life, but you have to give up your smartphone (also known as living a corporate life of modern slavery of mind and time)????

How many times have you seen a post like this on facebook or 9gag or twitter or wherever you spend you precious social media time?? Continue reading “Are you making conscious choices or just following the trend?”

I Grew a Beard

Okay here is the deal, I know I haven’t been super productive on the blog for a while, and to my regulars: I am truly sorry!

But fear not! It’s not because I haven’t been out and about, actually quite the opposite, I have been super busy, Singapore, Bali, New Zealand and right now writing from Lombok. So just because there haven’t been any posts going up, I have been saving them for when I have more time, which is right about now. Continue reading “I Grew a Beard”