Why I don’t like LCHF diets (low carb high fat)

Personal opinions first, then science.

What I hate the most about this diet fad, is the religion it has turned into, it limits your way of enjoying food in a varied and natural way. It takes fruit out of your diet, it generally takes a lot of freshness from your food. I don’t like that, I see people eating tomatoes with tuna and mayo, that’s not a fresh delicious meal, that’s a compromise. Continue reading “Why I don’t like LCHF diets (low carb high fat)”

Changing a habit (how to stop snacking)

Confessions of an addict

I have a confession to make, you see, I have been addicted to many things in my life, some good, some bad, but by far the hardest one to quit, was my food addiction. Yeah, addiction! Did you know that sugar is 7 times as addictive as heroin? You might want to laugh it off like it’s nothing, but what you should do, is take it real serious! Because food companies know this, and they make sure that their products have the right mix, to make you super addicted to it. They do it by making the perfect mix of sugar, fat and salt, the 3 things humans crave the very most, Continue reading “Changing a habit (how to stop snacking)”

Don’t let cookies get in the way of your success

I need to get back on track

So I had a couple of pretty shitty days lately, and I ended up with a bag of cookies in bed last night, and I finished that bag like a champ, and I felt appropriately guilty as soon as I had finished them. I also skipped juice day this Thursday, I bet I even gained a bit of weight again…. So how do I attack this? What steps do I need to take to get back to transforming my self to the healthiest happiest me? Continue reading “Don’t let cookies get in the way of your success”

Ubud foodie (guide 2) – Something for everyone.

Possible health food included but not intended

This is the second food guide for Ubud, this time it is not necessarily cheap, but in most of the places you will find cheap dishes. This is also not specific health food, but in most of the places there will be healthy dishes on the menu.

Again I have tried not to have to many places on here, in order not to confuse Continue reading “Ubud foodie (guide 2) – Something for everyone.”

Ubud foodie (guide 1) – Cheap and good eating!

Will this only be health food?

For a long time now, I have waited to write this Ubud food guide, because it’s going to take me forever. So instead of doing one complete guide, I am going to break it into bits. The first one in this mini series is going to be about the cheap spots, the places where you pay less than 50.000 Rupiah for your meal, the next one will be more of general guide, and the last one will then be about health food. Continue reading “Ubud foodie (guide 1) – Cheap and good eating!”

Vegan body building? myths and facts about training as a vegan.

Are you a vegan Jens?

I hate the expression ‘vegan’, because a bunch of people has taken patent on a word, and made up a bunch of rules of what it means and what you can eat, wear and do if you wanna call yourself a vegan. So NO I am not “vegan”, do I eat vegan? mostly yeah, I would say I eat vegan 95% of the time, but sometimes I’ll have some eggs, sometimes I’ll have ice-cream, once or twice a month I’ll even dig down deep in a salami and sausage pizza Continue reading “Vegan body building? myths and facts about training as a vegan.”

What’s in your fridge? That’s why you fail!

Do me a favor, and go have a look in your kitchen

Take every thing out of the cupboards, everything out of the fridge and put it on the table, don’t forget all those jars in the back, and the tin cans of chemicals, food coloring and sugars. EVERYTHING.

Alright! Now make a little space on another table or divide the table into two parts. Pick up all the fresh fruit, vegetables and meat Continue reading “What’s in your fridge? That’s why you fail!”

Why are you eating that shit? (and what should you eat?)

So this happened yesterday

I am with a client in the gym, its chest day and he is doing pretty good. The guy is in his fifties and is part of my 5 kilos in 5 weeks program. He did extremely well on juice week, and dropped 4,5 kilos of weight, about 2 of those were fat, so I was really proud of him. And then this happened, and it was partly my own fault because I was one day behind on getting him his diet advice. Continue reading “Why are you eating that shit? (and what should you eat?)”

The truth about “diet” products (and why you should never use them)

Aspartame, what is up and what is down?

After my latest post about weight loss, where I wrote briefly about diet products, a few people reached out to me and were perhaps a bit confused about my opinion on the subject. So I decided to write an entire post, only about aspartame, and why I think it is something you should stay away from completely. So here goes. Continue reading “The truth about “diet” products (and why you should never use them)”