3 keys to making your weight loss easy

The 3 pillars of success

When it comes to weight loss and getting healthy, there really aren’t any shortcuts, but there is a way to make it easier for yourself. The key is to switch you mindset around a little bit, and be ready to adapt to a new way of thinking about your life and you health. To help you do that, I came up with what I like to call the 3 pillars of success to any type of health problem Continue reading “3 keys to making your weight loss easy”

What one year can do

Hard work and dedication

That’s the sentence people tend to use when it comes to losing weight, getting fit and working on your health. I don’t buy into that so much anymore, I believe that with the slightest shift in our mindset, we can turn our health into something we love and enjoy working on. But how? We have spend our entire life being told that burgers and fries are delicious, that snickers bars are awesome, that pizza is the food of ninjas and that soda pops is a delicacy belonging in every well assorted fridge…. There is a way! Continue reading “What one year can do”

The mindset approach

The new book

I wrote this book called ‘How to lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks – My weight loss journey, and what you can learn from‘, maybe you read it, maybe not, you can find it by clicking on the title. It’s about why we fail at losing weight and living healthy, it’s also about how the same mechanisms that makes us fail at that particular thing, is the same that makes us fail in almost all other aspects of life. We as a human race have a tendency to fall into the same traps over and over again, and we have a really hard time understanding why we do so. Continue reading “The mindset approach”

How to lose 5 kg in 5 weeks (WEEK 5)

I am super satisfied

I really want to let everybody who read a long and followed me on social media know, that this has been a HUGE success, I really pushed my self a lot harder than I ever thought I could have. This has resulted in me already having lost 7 kilos on the second last weigh-in, making me super motivated to go all out this last week of the challenge, doing 2 full juice days, and limiting Continue reading “How to lose 5 kg in 5 weeks (WEEK 5)”

How to lose 5 kg in 5 weeks (WEEK 2)

Week 2 is where the fun begins.

Because this week you can actually eat again, but the funny thing thought is, your appetite won’t be the same at all. You feel like you can eat a horse, but as soon as you begin eating your first meal, it’s like you fill up instantly. Your first meal by the way, stay away from fat and oil on the first day, it will f#%k with your stomach real fast, so stay clean with your food! Continue reading “How to lose 5 kg in 5 weeks (WEEK 2)”