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April 15, 2017 Jens Legend 1 Comments

Money is a tool

Money really is a tool, money isn’t wealth as you might think, money isn’t an asset or a valuable, no! Money is a tool, a tool you can use to extract things you need. Understanding the subtle difference between viewing money as a valuable and as a tool, makes all the difference and here is why:

The way you view money changes the way you spend and handle money, it shifts the feeling you have when spending money and your feelings around accumulating them. Let me go more in debt below, keep reading!

Money comes and goes (as long as more comes than goes)

Money does come and go, so whatever you do, NEVER feel bad about spending money, spending or ‘using’ money is the equivalent of digging up potatoes with you pitchfork and eating them, money is the tool needed, and earning the money is the equivalent of planting those potatoes 3 months earlier. It is the substitution used in a modern world, removing the ‘coincidence of wants’ (go ahead and google that phrase if you don’t know what it means).

All you need to do, is make sure you plant more seeds than you harvest in the end, and NEVER steal fruit from the neighbors tree!!! (borrowing money). Being ahead of the game when it comes to money makes all the difference in the world, it gives you opportunities and freedom, where as being behind or in debt traps you and locks you in place, hindering your possibilities to move and live freely.

Money is opportunity

As I wrote above, money really is freedom, but be careful because they can just as easily turn into a prison, it’s all in the way you look at it, so please keep viewing them as an opportunity and a tool, and not as an accumulating force, that you have to spend your whole life gathering and looking looking to accumulate more and more of. Don’t think of it as ‘spending’ money, instead you are ‘using’ them. Know the difference between ‘spending’ and ‘using’ and make sure you use the right word not only in your own mind, but in talking with others as well, and at the end of the day, you didn’t spend anything, you used something, you used your tools!

Money is freedom (to a certain extend)

Earning or having more money than you spend, sets you free! This doesn’t mean that you need to earn a shit ton of money, this just means that you need to lower your expenses, plain and simple. The less money you use, the less money you need to earn to be free, and the more excess of money you have on top of what you use, the more opportunities you give yourself. Get it?

Know how much you need

So to set yourself up for success, you must first understand how much you need to be free, and then how much you need to generate opportunities for future adventures. Put everything in writing, with detailed descriptions of what you need, what you want and what you dream about, how much they money you need to use to get there and finally, write down WHY you want all of that!

Know how to earn what you need

I mean this in the most direct manor, ‘know how to earn what you need’There is no point in working long hours earning less if you want more free time. If your dream life consists of working, then fine, work all you want, but if your dream life means going out in nature and fishing, then work a shitty job that pays well, work less hours and free up that time. If your dream life consists of traveling, then work freelance, online job, photography or something. I think you get the point now right? Match your income generating, with your preferred lifestyle choices!

Thanks for reading and I really hope you use your new found knowledge the way you feel suits you best!!

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