Who Am I?

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I am a one of those guys who just can’t help myself when it comes to helping people out with their health and weight loss. Something inside me just triggers when I see those so called ‘health gurus’ out there telling us real people how to lose weight and get healthy. What do they know about cravings, about losing weight and then gaining it all back on, several times every year? Were they even ever obese or fat??

I have chosen to live a different life, a free life. I used to be part of ‘normal’ society and put in my 8 hours a day, go home, sit down on my couch and watch TV until bed time. Not anymore though, now I travel the world, live in exotic places and have broken FREE, not only from the 9to5 mentality, but also from my previous obesity problems. Now I am strong, healthy and fit, before I was lazy and fat.

You too can break free of your shackles, you too can release your body from it’s prison, learn to grasp life in a new and healthy way. But most importantly, you can learn how to make your weight loss easy and simple.

I have chosen it as my mission in life to give back to everybody in the whole wide world, who like me always struggled with their health and weight. You see I cracked the code, I found the system that works for all of us ‘real’ struggling folks out here.

In this modern world, we as humans have created a prison for ourselves and our families. We live in tiny little boxes, work in tiny little cubicles, sit in front of screens a lot, and we never really use our bodies for what they where designed for: MOVING! The reason for all this is, that the world we have created works as a prison for our minds, we are ‘locked’ in place and kept unable to go do what we as humans are meant to do: Interact with each other, both mentally and physically, by not doing this, we lose our motivation, our ambition and the will to push through and conquer new challenges, this needs to change!

So I have made up my mind

And I am going to help! Help on weight loss groups on facebook, create my own facebook groups and pages where I can help and offer advice, create pages and pages of free content right here on my website. It simply has to work, nobody deserves this life, and everybody should strive for total freedom of body, health and mind!

I wrote a book that for once in a blue moon is actually made to be genuinely helpful and real. A book about weight loss, that offers true advice from a person who not only himself struggled with yo-yo weight his entire life, but who finally cracked the code, and found out what clicks inside our minds when it comes to weight loss.

I know what works, I know how you feel, and I know how to make you change your mindset, so you can finally have the success you dream of, when it comes to your health. I want to teach you everything I know, but for that to happen I need your support in return. I need you to take part in the discussions on my blog, to like and share what I do on facebook, to share my blogs and my content and to tell your friends about this page. I also need you to support me by either buying my book, signing up for my webinars or simply donating (bottom of this page) what you can spare, so I can keep on changing the world – One pound at a time!

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How to lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks - My weight loss journey, and what you can learn from it!


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I promise to use any donation received to help change somebodies life, the same way I have changed my own. And at the same time help make the world a better place. I will keep on offering FREE advice, articles and live videos for anybody who needs them.

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Jens Fuglsang Møller

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