3 keys to making your weight loss easy

August 19, 2017 Jens Legend 0 Comments

The 3 pillars of success

When it comes to weight loss and getting healthy, there really aren’t any shortcuts, but there is a way to make it easier for yourself. The key is to switch you mindset around a little bit, and be ready to adapt to a new way of thinking about your life and you health. To help you do that, I came up with what I like to call the 3 pillars of success to any type of health problem, whether that being obesity, cardiovascular problems, skin problems or any case of health issues. They are really simple, and easy to remember.

Just Move!

Staying active and exercising is supposed to be fun and easy, but somehow we managed to destroy that way of looking at it. Now it’s all about pushing yourself, overcoming the struggle, powering through, getting it done and all these other statements.  But why?? Why would you make something so simple, so complicated? When push comes to shove, the key is to just move around more, just walk, run, play or do something else you love that requires you to move. Don’t make it hard, make it easy and simple instead: ‘Just Move!’ How hard do you want to make it in your head?? Get outside and play ball with your friends, go for a hike with some good people or your partner, take the dog out for a run.

Eat Fresh!

What you put in your mouth determines how big or small you are, it determines how well you feel, how much you can move and how well you can think. So what does eating fresh mean? Well eating fresh means that you stay away from processed foods like sausages, salami, long lasting pastas, jams, marmalade, bread, dairy, refined sugars (yes coconut sugar is also a refined sugar). Quit that stuff, I know you are probably thinking: “but, then there is nothing left”, some fear building up inside you, all the joy from my life is being taken from me. This is the problem, if you getting to ‘eat’ is one of the bigger pleasures in your life, then you really should take a long hard look at yourself, and think about how you live it!

Instead you should focus on what you CAN eat, all the fresh vibrant colors of the rainbow, all those delicious fruits, veggies, legumes, lentils, peas, if you eat meat, then fresh cuts of meat(no canned, ‘sausages’, preserved over salted stuff. All the real pure stuff, herbs of all sorts, spices from all 4 corners of the world – Learn how to cook again, be inspired to create something new, instead of eating the same salty steak and potatoes as always, there are other vegetables than frozen peas and corn on the cob!!!!

But there are 3 stable foods that you should totally ban from your kitchen if you want to get healthy, they are: Refined sugars, breads and dairy! If nothing else, quit these three things.

Know Why!

The final pillar of the holy trinity is your reasoning, your mindset, your WHY. I saved this for last, not because it is least important, but because it is MOST important. We all pretty much know what food is bad for us and what is healthy, that is not our problem. Our problem is staying motivated enough to follow through on our journey, and not give up and fall into the traps along the way. Of all the things I talk with clients about, it is never food or exercise that is important, it is always about staying on track and being motivated.

That’s the reason you need a powerful WHY, one sentence summoning up all the most important reasons for you to get healthy, not the ‘beach body’ reason, not the ‘I want to fit in that dress’ reason. NO, a bigger reason, a larger why, step up your game. Why do you want to fit into that dress? What are the feelings behind it? Dig deep and really focus on the bigger picture, your future, your family, yourself when you are old and playing with the grand children. GO BIG OR  GO HOME!!

Take out a piece of paper and start writing ALL the reasons for getting healthy, all the big ones and all the small ones, also all the stuff in between. Look at them, if 2 plays on similar things, turn them into one, keep going until you only have like 3-4 major reasons. Now turn them into one super powerful sentence. A sentence that makes your heart skip a beat, makes your eyes tear up and your willpower grow.

This is your WHY, and nothing is more important than that!

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