Do you struggle with being overweight?
Do you feel unmotivated to move forward with your weight loss
Do you often plateau or stall when trying to lose weight?
Do you feel that your body is holding you back?

Let me help you become fit and comfortable in your body again, help give you the energy and motivation you need to become the beautiful person you where meant to be, confident  and healthy!

“You can’t change your body before you change your mind, and you have to FREE your mind in order to FREE your body.” 

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Single session 95$/h – 1 hour coaching sessions, let’s find your problem right now, and then figure out how to solve it – Your motivational/educational boost, to help you break down the wall in front of you. Read more

Body transformation 495$ (345$ without text support) – Fully customized plan to get you fit and feeling 100% comfortable in your body, 1x 90 minute intro boost call, 2x 45 minute calls and a 30 minute follow up 14 days after the last session, tools, guides, free text support and much much more – The BEST start to your new life. Read more

6 month life changer 4500$ – 2 monthly 90 minute sessions (online or in person), free text support, tools, guides, meal planning, tasks, follow ups and accountability partner – a COMPLETE program for lifelong change of body and mind. Read More Continue reading “Coaching”

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I wrote a couple of books, books that for once in a blue moon will actually help you lose weight and keep it off! I know they all promise the same, but these ones are different. While reading them you will feel like I am piercing straight through your mind and making you wonder if I have been spying on you. I know all your excuses already, I know all the patterns in your life holding you back, and I know exactly how to make you succeed in becoming healthy, breaking free and losing weight! Continue reading “E-books”

Who Am I?

I am a one of those guys who just can’t help myself when it comes to helping people out with their health and weight loss. Something inside me just triggers when I see those so called ‘health gurus’ out there telling us real people how to lose weight and get healthy. What do they know about cravings, about losing weight and then gaining it all back on, several times every year? Were they even ever obese or fat??

I have chosen to live a different life, a free life. I used to be part of ‘normal’ society and put in my 8 hours a day, go home, sit down on my couch and watch TV until bed time. Not anymore though Continue reading “Who Am I?”